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Datu Wellness: Authentic Ayurveda and Yoga retreats in Tuscany

Over a series of week-long wellness retreats starting in November 2023, Datu Wellness brings the best of Eastern wellness to Europe.

A one-of-a-kind retreat, Datu will welcome Indian wellness practitioners to Tuscany, many for the first time, allowing those looking for Eastern wellness, but based in the West, to experience this closer to home.

Datu Wellness Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Tuscany

What is Datu?

Datu (meaning ‘to share’ in Sanskrit) is the embodiment of their mutual desire to share knowledge, skills and experiences. Many people may not be able to travel to India but desire the same level of authenticity and expertise to enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Datu's one-of-a-kind retreats provide direct access to their timeless, authentic and precious expertise which is unavailable elsewhere in Europe.

For a limited period each year and for the first time in Europe, Datu convenes leading practitioners of Ayurveda, Yoga and Sowa Rigpa from the most renowned, award-winning Eastern institutions, ashrams and clinics within the convenience, comfort and proximity of beautiful Tuscany with its thermal springs.

Datu Wellness Yoga Retreat Tuscany

What can I expect at Datu?

Your stay begins with a complete Ayurvedic wellness consultation led by an experienced Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician). This consultation helps Datu tailor each day of your retreat, offering you a dynamic programme designed to reinvigorate your body, calm your mind and uplift your spirit.

As part of Datu's comprehensive offering, you can delight in and relax with complimentary massages, Yoga asana to improve posture and movement, Tibetan Sowa Rigpa, hot spring Watsu, acupuncture to increase Qi flow, as well as meditation and pranayama sessions for focus, calmness and presence.

Datu's Ayurvedic chefs prepare delicious fusion meals according to sattvic principles while using fresh and locally sourced Tuscan ingredients. Foodies can rest assured; there is no compromise on deliciousness, while helping you achieve good energy levels and shed some unnecessary weight - be it literal or metaphorical.

Datu Wellness Retreat Tuscany

Where do Datu retreats take place?

Datu retreats take place in a curated collection of European venues that share their values. Each setting serves as an enchanting and appropriate home for your transformation.

Surrounded by nature, the venues are nestled in beautiful and serene surroundings. Tranquillity, comfort without opulence, excellent service, fresh local food and ample private spaces provide a conducive environment for your voyage from the external world to allow you to focus on your inner nature.

Check the Datu Wellness website for more details on upcoming and future retreats.

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Datu Wellness Tuscany Yoga Retreat

What to expect Day-to Day

Upon arrival, you are invited to settle into your private room, where you'll find the services and amenities of a country hotel, and the warm welcome of the Datu team. This is your home; a simple yet sophisticated and comfortable environment nestled within a charming mediaeval Tuscan borgo. Slip into the cosy, organic wellness attire provided for you to wear throughout the retreat. Step out onto the ancient cobblestone streets, explore the gardens, enjoy the views of the rolling Tuscan hills and take in the tranquil, natural beauty that surrounds you. Breathe deeply.

Your wellbeing journey begins with a comprehensive Ayurvedic wellness and diet consultation, outlining your unique needs and goals, around which your retreat is tailored. Based on this assessment, Datu will personalise your programme, recommend dietary choices and schedule complimentary private treatments (one treatment per night per guest is included).

Each day unveils a programme designed to invigorate your body, relax your mind and uplift your spirit. You will experience the power of ayurvedic and classic massages, Yoga asana, acupuncture, Tibetan Sowa Rigpa including Ku-nye , Hor-gyi-metsa, Dhugs, Ku-nye, a variety of body work, Watsu therapy in the thermal springs, sound healing and meditation, varied workshops and enlightening satsangs (talks) as you explore the depths of self-discovery.

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Datu Wellness Retreat Tuscany

Next Retreat: Autumn 2023 | Tuscany near Siena

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Datu invites you to an immersive destination that blends historic charm and tranquillity. Experience the allure of the mediaeval borgo which has been meticulously transformed into a private country retreat. This breathtaking setting is surrounded by the rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves of a picturesque Tuscan landscape.

Datu's autumn 2023 retreat takes place near Siena, Tuscany from November 4th to December 2nd. To ensure a personalised and attentive experience for all guests, they offer a limited number of spaces. As their retreats usually fill up fast, secure your spot now to embark on your journey of wellbeing in a serene and enchanting setting. Follow this link to find our more.

To find out more about Datu Wellness, register your interest or to book your stay, go to their website -

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