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Ellie is a travel and hospitality professional specialised in luxury hotels, boutique properties and high-end cultural tailor-made touring. 


She has travelled to over 40 countries, visited 500+ hotels, launched an award-winning travel blog and has been featured in the Sunday Times.


In addition to more than a decade of experience in the luxury travel world, Ellie has a formative career beginning in management consultancy and has practical skills and proven track record in sales, marketing, strategy,

operations and delivery. 


Over the years she has worked with the world’s most prestigious hotel brands including Aman Resorts, Belmond, Peninsula Hotels, Oberoi, COMO and Mandarin Oriental, top luxury boutique properties across four continents and renowned booking platforms such as Mr & Mrs Smith and Hotel Guru.

Ellie works in a way that is thorough, efficient, fast-paced and results-orientated. Highly ambitious, dedicated and with meticulous attention to detail, she delivers only at the highest standards. Helping boutique hotels achieve their full potential is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

Ellie Boulstridge,



Truly a global citizen, Ellie grew up in the Middle East, Siberia, Eastern Turkey and The Netherlands to British and French parents. Having spent time living in Bhutan and India, she now divides her time between London,

South Africa and the South of France.​

Ellie received First Class Honours in Combined Social Sciences from Durham University, before gaining a Masters in Critical & Cultural Theory at Cardiff University. She later studied Indian & Islamic Art History and Archaeology (MA) at SOAS.


In addition to travel and hotels, her interests include art history, the decorative arts, classical music, architecture, interiors and gardens. 

A life-long learner, topics of further study include courses on Ancient Greek history, Greek & Roman mythology, Architecture, Horticulture and the English Country House & Garden. 

Ellie Boulstridge, founder of Chiron Hotel Consulting in India
Ellie Boulstridge, Founder of Chiron Hotel Consulting in South Africa

Chiron Hotel Consulting

Chiron Hotel Consulting provides affordable consulting services to small, owner-run,

boutique hotels and properties. 

Our team has over a decade of global experience in luxury travel, boutique hotels, high-end hospitality, tailor-made tour operations, booking platforms and

management consultancy.

We believe in work that is clear, efficient, effective and adds value. We deliver practical pieces of work in short time-frames that are easily implemented and make a tangible difference to owner-run businesses. No jargon, vague promises or expensive long-term retainers.

Chiron is a centaur from classical antiquity known for his practical guidance and wisdom. In a poem by Hesiod he offered Achilles advice prior to the Trojan War.

We firmly believe that owners know their properties best of all. Chiron Hotel Consulting is here to help with advice and implementation to compliment existing offerings. We care about our clients and want them to be the best they can be. 


10 years of experience in luxury hotels, hospitality and tailormade tour operations

32 years spent travelling the world

40+ countries visited

520+ hotels inspected

190+ hotels stayed at

2,200+ hotel websites browsed

2 languages spoken

1 board position for a luxury hotel

diverse global network

Ellie Boulstridge mentioned in The Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Ellie has an instinctive understanding of what makes for good marketing. Her energy and focus deliver results.

Lottie Unwin, Founder, The Copy Club