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What we do

We offer practical, effective and affordable assistance to owner-run boutique hotels and properties; whether you're looking to grow your business or simply need a helping hand. 

We believe in work that is clear, efficient, effective and adds value. We deliver practical pieces of work in short time-frames that are easily implemented and make a tangible difference.

Our services fall under five buckets: business, sales, communication, digital & creative and on property. Find out more below.


Prices start from £200

Boutique Hotel Strategy by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Hotel Strategy

Developing long and short-term business strategy for new projects, targeted growth or overall hotel development.

Boutique hotel competitor analysis by by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Competitor Analysis

Comparing rates, offerings and services of existing competitors, or identifying new ones, in order to always stay ahead of the game.

Boutique hotel research by by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Conducting in-depth academic-style research across an expansive range of topics in order to assist with launching new concepts, products or services.


Prices start from £150

Boutique hotel booking platform management by by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Booking Platforms

Analysing representation and inclusions on major booking platforms. Identifying plans of action for optimum visibility, performance and conversion rates.

Boutique hotel sales and representation by by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Pre-Sales Strategy

Creating effective social media channels, content, collaterals and sales and representation strategy prior to new launches or relaunches.

Boutique hotel sales and marketing representation by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Representation & Management 

Working alongside owners to maximise revenue through range of on-brand sales and marketing activities with option of long-term sales management.


Prices start from £150

Boutique hotel collaterals by by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Creating attractive and informative digital and printed documents, fliers and hand-outs.

Boutique hotel content by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Developing intelligent, insightful and impactful content for websites, collaterals and social media.

Boutique hotel feedback analysis by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Collating data, identifying trends and creating action lists in order to act on existing feedback and provide the best service offerings available.


Prices start from £150

Websites for boutique hotels by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Analyzing current websites to identify strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Creating new, visually exciting and high-performing and functional hotel websites.

Boutique hotel social media management by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Social Media

Advising on current platforms to create meaningful growth. Creating content and/or managing and implementing long-term social media strategies.

Boutique hotel branding by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Evaluating effectiveness of current branding. Assisting with concepts, graphics and design in new brand development as well wording, visuals and mission statements.


Prices start from £150

Boutique hotel property experiences by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Property & Experiences

Analyzing existing amenities, on-property experiences and overall value. Creating new and on-trend property experiences and concepts.

Boutique hotel local activities by Chiron Hotel Consulting

Local Area & Activities

Evaluating effectiveness of existing destination and activity information, as well as itinerary development and content creation.

Coaching boutique hotel staff by Chiron Hotel Consulting


Guiding and coaching staff, either remotely or in person, with specific tasks and wider skill sets.