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Essential Marketing Moves for Boutique Hotels in 2023

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Airbnbs? Sure, they're great. But boutique hotels are what we love getting our teeth into at Chiron Hotel Consulting; places where interesting design, top-notch amenities and stellar service come together and keep clients coming back for more.

Want to stand out in this ever-growing competitive landscape? Here are five must-do marketing strategies to make your boutique hotel shine in 2023.

Chiron Hotel Consulting Boutique Hotel Marketing

Craft Your Brand:

In a world where brand is king, defining your unique hotel identity is step one. What makes your place special? Who's your crowd? Once you know, create a compelling brand story and make sure it shines across all your marketing.

Pro Tip: Check out Airelles, The Pig Hotels and Babylonstoren for branding done right.

Master Your Website's SEO:

Online visibility begins with an optimised website. Conduct thorough keyword research, integrate these keywords naturally into your site's content and ensure mobile-friendly browsing.

Chiron Hotel Consulting Boutique Hotel Marketing mastering SEO

Go Social:

Harness social media to showcase your hotel's charm and engage with potential (and existing) guests. Look at Nihi, Reschio and Rest + Wild for some serious social inspiration.

Team Up with OTAs:

Partnering with the right Online Travel Agencies and tour operators can widen your audience reach. However, be sure to still encourage direct bookings to build customer loyalty and save on commission fees.

Chiron Hotel Consulting Boutique Hotel Marketing team up with OTAs

Prioritise Content Marketing:

Blogs, videos, podcasts - informative and engaging content can set your hotel apart. Include relevant keywords, share across channels and watch organic traffic to your website soar. Prioritise new content on a regular basis and make sure it's always true to your brand.

Chiron Hotel Consulting Boutique Hotel Marketing essential marketing moves

Hospitality is a tough game, but with a strong brand, solid SEO, a social media strategy, collaborations with OTAs and a focus on content marketing, your boutique hotel can be a key player in this growing market. Make sure to keep up with industry trends, measure your marketing success and fine-tune as you go.

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